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Of Souls + Water

Behind The Scenes

Five months. Five films. Go behind the scenes and explore how Skip Armstrong, Thatcher Bean and Anson Fogel created Of Souls + Water. Join the Forge Motion Pictures crew as they document their journey from Mexico to Canada while filming this ground-breaking series for NRS Films.


His deep curiosity leads him to the far arctic north, to the streets of inner-city DC, and to the majestic waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest. But what is he seeking?


The life of a woman – her life, her dreams, her legacy – painted on the canvas of still waters in deep canyons.


On the massive waves of Canada's great rivers, the Shapeshifter conjures his magic, transforming from a charming rogue to a wild creature in flight.


A renowned surfer leaves home in search of salvation, only to discover tragedy. Now he is reborn on the rivers of Idaho.


After many decades of running western rivers, he is a guide, mentor, patriarch and pioneer – a lifelong boatman and a living history of water, wind and human endeavor.

Other Series:

Remains of a River

Year of the River


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  3. Awesome!I think each one will show a secret side of each one of us as we paddle to that destination of utopia or as we say “livin the dream!”

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