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About UK

Fill-in-the-Blank Bio:
I’m not superstitious, I’m just plain paranoid, or at least that’s what my girlfriend says. I’ve underwater basket weaved no less than half of my lifetstyle serving wherever I can get wet. While kayaking is certainly desirable, I occasionally sleep, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sleep for weeks too! My favorite comedian to work with is Danny Glover, but I also love taming the shrew.

Cleveland, OH

Years Paddling/Boating:

Favorite Waters:
The wet ones! I just love kayaking sooooooo much ya’ll!

Spencer Cooke, he’s pretty neat. He actually has inspired much of my direction in paddlesports with humor, art, lifestyle choices and paddling style. He be smooth as silk! Aside from paddling, those that stray from the well worn path. A lot of life is boring if you don’t do it that way, and though it may be harder to walk your own path, it’s much more desirable.

Off-the-Water Activities:
I’m a geek. You can probably catch me with my laptop in my hands. I love the arts and my lifestyle, so I love to mix the two. Any design, craft or story-telling medium is my style, so yeah I pretty much live on Facebook. I also like to hit the gym, ride a bike, go for a walk, run through the woods, jump rope double dutch – pretty much anything that takes care of the temple and keeps the ol’ joints lubricated.

Music Rotation:
How much time do you have? Let’s just say I can keep the party going for weeks 😉

I have some pretty neat folks helping me out. First and foremost, my biggest sponsor over the years has been my mom. For some silly reason, she likes to see me half drowned, hmmm? Other great folks include Wavesport Kayaks, hands down the best kayaks I have ever paddled. Adventure Technology Paddles help keep my strokes true. Shred Ready Helmets, because I have already lost enough brain cells. Snapdragon Spray Skirts have been easy and reliable to use, and I’m not left cussing at the wildlife putting the damn thing on. And of course NRS who have hands down supplied me with anything for any situation. I like em’ cause they’re like me – they got their hands in everything. My students over the years have funded a great deal of what I do as well. Thanks folks, and never stop learning!

Why do you Paddle?
That’s like asking why do I breathe…it’s become necessity. I do it to survive. It has become a lifetime fitness activity. Fitness for my body and my mind. I do it because it makes me better, and therefore I want to make it better. I do it because people depend on me to do it, because I have become a catalyst so they can make themselves better. I do it because I am passionate about it, and I believe if you are not passionate about something in life, doesn’t matter what it is, then you have let a piece of yourself go.