Tyler Bradt’s Excellent Adventure: The Wizard’s Eye Expedition


When you meet Team NRS member Tyler Bradt, the first thing you notice is the big grin. Tyler has a lust for life that shines through in all he does. The Montana native started kayaking when he was six years old, and he’s progressed in the sport to become one of the world’s leading adventure kayakers. Just a couple of his signal accomplishments are his record-setting drop over 189.5-foot Palouse Falls and being part of the team that conquered the huge Inga Rapids, the last un-run section of the Congo River.

Tyler in Mexico

Now Tyler is setting off on another big adventure. In March he leaves La Paz, on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in the 44-foot sailboat Wizard’s Eye, for a five-year-long circumnavigation of the globe combining modern-day action sports with time-honored exploration. The Wizard’s Eye Expedition will take Bradt and crew to some of the world’s most beautiful, remote and severe locations. Whitewater kayaking, surfing, kite boarding, mountaineering, deep sea diving and BASE jumping are just some of the activities they’ll pursue along the way. Their goal is to explore the limits of what’s humanly possibly while exploring the farthest reaches of the planet.

Captain Tyler

The first stop for the Wizard’s Eye will be the Tuamotu Islands, in the South Pacific, one of the most remote places on Earth. From there, Bradt and crew will continue to New Zealand where they will wait out the winter storms. At every stop, they will seek out the most exciting and challenging action sports adventures. A bi-weekly web series, which will be distributed via Vimeo and social media, will document these adventures.

To whet your appetite for this adventure series, take a look at the expedition’s first video dispatch. Follow the Wizard’s Eye Facebook page for regular updates from the expedition.