Apr 29 | Q&A: Salween Spring Coming Together

by NRS Staff

NRS sat down with co-owner of Last Descents River Expeditions, Travis Winn; filmmaker, Will Stauffer-Norris; and Travis’s longtime friend and collaborator, Adam Elliott, to discuss starting a rafting company in China, the fate of China’s last remaining free-flowing rivers, and the making of the film, Salween Spring.

Watch the full film, here.

Salween 7_Web

Salween River | Even though the Salween is roadside for most of its length in Yunnan Province, sheer cliffs make parts feel surprisingly remote.

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Apr 12 | America’s Most Endangered Rivers

by NRS Staff

Presented by American Rivers:

The America’s Most Endangered Rivers® report is one of the best-known and longest-lived annual reports in the environmental movement. Each year since 1984, grassroots river conservationists have teamed up with American Rivers to use the report to save their local rivers, consistently scoring policy successes that benefit these rivers and the communities through which they flow.

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Apr 8 | Rough and Ready Creek

by Nate Wilson

Nate Wilson HeadshotNate Wilson is determined to experience the remote landscape of the Upper North Fork of the Rough and Ready Creek, an eligible Wild and Scenic River candidate threatened by a nickel strip mine proposal. IKs and packrafts in tow, he and two friends attempt a first descent, for the second time.

A year ago, a few friends and I emerged from a cleft in the mountains outside of O’Brien, Oregon. Our attempt at paddling the upper reaches of Rough and Ready Creek had devolved into a spirit-crushing couple of days of hauling loaded kayaks through thick brush and over deadfall, with the creek always tauntingly in view—2,000 feet below. By our second night out, we had exhausted our water supply, and with that came the kind of soul searching that accompanies using stash beers meant for celebrations to rehydrate powdered chili and the next morning’s oatmeal. Was it not for the privilege of spending a few days in a beautifully remote place, I’m not sure we would have been tempted to return.

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Apr 1 | Boating, Blondes and Bear Spray

by Lindsay DeFrates

HeadshotTwo friends, four days rafting through the Lodore Canyon and one can of bear spray. As their friendship is renewed, Lindsay’s best friend, a very beautiful, blonde mid-western woman is re-acquainted with some of the realities of desert river travel.

“Do you think they’ll have bear spray in Craig? I’m pretty sure they’d have bear spray there.”
“I dunno, it’s kind of a small town, and we’ll just sort of hit the western edge of it…”

I was stalling, desperately trying to avoid yet another stop on the way to Lodore Canyon. All I wanted was to be away from the world as soon as possible, for my one, perfect, backcountry trip of the summer. But this simple dream had already been postponed by gas station, grocery store, bank, and liquor store. Now, miles to the north of Rifle, Colorado, I thought, mistakenly, that we had finally evaded the clutches of civilization.

“Are you kidding?” came the scathing reply from the driver’s seat. “It’s Craig, of course they’ll have bear spray.”

Gates from a Distance_web

The Colorado landscape with the Gates of Lodore in the distance. Photo: Jennifer Cummins-Zuber

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Mar 25 | Dams: A Look at Both Sides of the Controversy

by NRS Staff

Our mission to inspire candid conversation about dams continues with a quest to share voices from the dam-positive camp. Of course, finding pro-dam voices, or even dam-neutral opinions, that aren’t tied to an industry lobby is easier said than done. Still, we were able to track down some credible sources that weigh the pluses of dams against the negatives.

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