Feb 2 | Botella

by Mike McKay

The Rio Alseseca in Mexico tears its way from a dormant volcano high above Veracruz in a ceaseless torrent of waterfalls. This wildly majestic river is one of the most unique in the world. The river, beloved as a paddler playground, plummets its way through towns and villages filling its banks and eddies with filth and forgotten things. Discarded as a dump, a small legion of paddlers are hoping a race through this heart-quickening waterscape might be the best way to save it. Continue reading

Jan 20 | Kayak Travel Tips | Episode 7: Put-In Preparations

by NRS Staff

Episode 7 of the Kayak Travel series offers two crucial components to a successful start to a foreign paddling adventure: securing a local contact and having a solid paddling crew. From offering advice on current water levels to finding the best driver, a local contact will take the guesswork out of preparing for that first put-in. And a solid crew of paddlers will ensure a great adventure holiday.  Continue reading

Jan 18 | Wizard’s Eye Expedition: Leg Three – Episode 10

by NRS Staff

The crew begins a month-long journey through inland Madagascar. It all begins with Tyler Bradt revisiting the Ikopa River, where a decade ago he succeeded in a first descent. Intense paddling, intense scenery, and intense stoke fill the latest episode of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition, as Tyler and the boys get pumped for some much anticipated African whitewater. Continue reading