Feb 8 | Blessed: Rejuvenating Hope for the Rio Marañón

by Lacey Anderson

LaceyLacey’s four-year love affair with the Rio Marañón in Peru continues despite unfortunate plans to dam the river. Her frustrations have increased as her conservation efforts seem to fail, until Remando Juntos, an outreach project that has rejuvenated her hope.

There’s a Ben Harper song that continued to run through my head as I rowed the Rio Marañón in Peru last summer. The chorus, I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed to be a witness, played over and over again, through countless rapids and lulls of flat stretches. Do you know the song? The Rio Marañón is located in the Andes of Peru and is the main-stem source of the Amazon. The first time I heard about the river was in 2012. I’ve returned to it every year since 2013 and have been fortunate enough to have the time, the health, and the resources to experience the Upper Amazon (Rio Marañón) many times now. So you have to agree, I am blessed, which is why the song resonates with me so strongly. But you may be wondering what I mean by, to be a witness?

Lacey Anderson with NRS CoolCat

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Feb 2 | Botella

by Mike McKay

The Rio Alseseca in Mexico tears its way from a dormant volcano high above Veracruz in a ceaseless torrent of waterfalls. This wildly majestic river is one of the most unique in the world. The river, beloved as a paddler playground, plummets its way through towns and villages filling its banks and eddies with filth and forgotten things. Discarded as a dump, a small legion of paddlers are hoping a race through this heart-quickening waterscape might be the best way to save it. Continue reading