Oct 2 | Cape Capers: A Father and Son Sea Kayaking Journey

by Ashley Peel

Rob-Lyon-100x100With hopes of recharging his relationship with his son, Rob Lyon embarks on a journey up the BC coast. Separating from his son halfway through, Rob hopes he’s taught Brook everything there is to know to about sea kayaking to ensure his survival.

“I was several days paddle south of Cape Scott and camped at the mouth of a creek on a long, remote stretch of absolutely rugged coast and I figured I could expect about as seriously free range a dump as man had ever taken. I had just walked down the beach to get water from the creek. On the way back I stopped and set the water bags down and looked around for a good place to do the deed. I was into logs lately, looking for that perfect perch. I was wearing a shirt and my UGGs, my sweats were hung up on a tree. I had just finished my business, when suddenly I heard human voices—a woman’s voice—quickly getting louder. And then, like out of a dream, this cute girl came around the corner on the bear trail I had just stepped off. She saw me and stopped, did some high speed collating behind raised eyebrows, turned quickly around to lock eyes with her partner, then continued walking. Meanwhile, I was standing there beside the trail, penis dangling, excrement steaming, and the dude, sporting a big grin, high fived me as he walked past!” — Brook Lyon,  journal entry
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Sep 25 | Dare to Kayak: Words from 2015 Participants

by Devon Barker-Hicks

devonkayaktalkDevon Barker-Hicks’ Dare to Kayak program teaches young children to paddle, challenging them to stay away from drugs and alcohol. In 2015, partnering with Idaho’s Wild River License Plate program, a new focus on conservation was included. But with this year’s recap, Devon decided to let the kids speak for themselves.

Dare to Kayak reaches out to students who live in our great state of Idaho and across the country. I began this program as a way to encourage students to find an exciting alternative to abusing drugs and alcohol. My option for them was to learn to kayak. This program has grown from learning to paddle only in a pool to paddling on a river, river safety, and conservation.


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Sep 17 | Best Available: Tips on Choosing the Optimal Destination for Any Paddling Vacation

by Leland Davis

Leland DavisThree day weekend? Ten-day vacation? Whatever the circumstances, when the #1 must-paddle destination isn’t an option, guidebook author and ultimate paddler, Leland Davis, offers his professional insight into planning the best paddling vacation.

After many years of adulthood and itinerant kayaking, my wife returned to school last year. Amidst the lifestyle changes and turmoil of registering for classes, buying books, adjusting to a new schedule, and the return of homework to her life, there surfaced one bright point:

“I get spring break!” she told me excitedly.

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Sep 8 | #Guidevibes Contest Grand Prize Winner

by NRS Staff

Sunsets, carnage, pranks, campfires, shuttle rigs, life jacket monsters, and even a few marriage proposals—we saw it all in our #Guidevibes photo contest this summer. Thanks to everyone who participated for your enthusiasm and amazing photos!

With so many pics to choose from, we obviously had our work cut out for us when selecting a grand prize winner. We were looking for a photo—a great photo—that captured the fun, freedom, adventure and natural beauty that define the river lifestyle. After much deliberation, and only a little arm wrestling, our team agreed on a winner that was universally loved among all of us.

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Sep 4 | Lost to the Current: Dealing with Death on the River

by Kyle Smith

IMG_2592Along with the rewards of fun, adventure and camaraderie that whitewater kayaking provides, there’s the ever-present downside of danger. Kyle “Smitty” Smith reflects on the death of a friend and how he and the kayaking community in Chile dealt with the blow.

Editor’s Note: Out of concern for the rights and feelings of people associated with the tragedy discussed in this article, we have removed the text from Duct Tape Diaries.  If you have any questions or comments, please share them in the comments section below or email service@nrs.com.


unnamed (1)

RIP, Olivier.





Sep 3 | Best of #Guidevibes | August Edition

by NRS Staff

It’s official. August is gone, summer is fading, and our #Guidevibes contest has come to an end. But not before 3000+ photos and videos were shared, enjoyed and entered to win. We couldn’t be more grateful, or inspired, by all the joy, beauty, goofiness and carnage you contributed to our lives over the past three months. And on that note, here are some (not all) of our favorites from the contest’s final month.

Who’s your pick to win the grand prize from NRS, WRSI, Yeti, Chaco, Werner Paddles, and prAna? Stay tuned for our September 9 announcement!

Aug 21 | Kayaking the North Pacific | Part II

by Rob Lyon

Rob-Lyon-100x100The wild northwest coast of Vancouver Island still feeds Rob Lyon’s soul as he finishes his journey. Eddied out on Bone Game Island, where Part I meets Part II, he and Colin wave goodbye to friends and decide whether to wait out the storm or head home early.

It rained so hard in the middle of the night that the bedrock stream issuing from the base of a waterfall not far inland rose to heinous proportions. I got up to pee at one point and found the creek nearly lapping at my tent, forcing a quick and dirty relocation to drier ground. I awoke to settling conditions, still wild and wooly but the rain had left off. The sky was blue between scudding clouds. But the seas humping past just off the mouth of our little cove looked like herd after herd of white-tusked elephants on stampede. We weren’t going anywhere this day.

The next day, the elephants were still parading past but they were small and lacking tusks. We bathed in the icy waterfall behind camp, packed up and rounded the northern tip of the Cape of Storms in glassy seas, accompanied by a pair of Orcas feeding near Solander Island.

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