Keeping in Shape for Paddling


Keeping in Shape for Paddling

Your water sport of choice may be whitewater or touring kayaking, rafting, stand up paddling, canoeing, or “all-of-the-above.” Whatever it is, you’re using muscles and joints in ways that the couch-bound are not. Getting in shape and keeping in shape for paddling will help you become a better boater, have more fun, and prevent activity-ending injury.

We’ve developed some good information on how to get, and stay, in prime paddling shape. Take a break from Netflix and the Xbox and check out this great advice.

Andria Davis is an “all-of-the-above” type, plus she’s a yoga teacher.

SUP Workout – SUP instructor and fitness expert Nikki Gregg demonstrates some easy-to-learn exercises.

Preventing Shoulder Injuries – No matter how you boat, your shoulders are at work hundreds of times a day. And, they are highly vulnerable to injury. Don’t let it happen to you.

Stretching Exercises for Paddlers – Warming up and stretching muscles before you call on them for maximum performance is time well spent.

There’s lots more in our Learn section and more to come here at Duct Tape Diaries.

Boat Often, Boat Safe, Have Fun!