Best of #DrawnToWater


In 2015 we wanted to feature the good, the bad, the ugly and the hilarious (mis)adventures of the river guide’s lifestyle. We weren’t sure we could create a campaign that inspired us quite as much as #Guidevibes, but (we think) we pulled it off.

For over forty years NRS has been drawn to all types of water. From rivers and lakes, to oceans and streams, man-made and natural we’ve found ourselves recreating, relaxing, making new friends and reuniting with old ones, mastering new skills and teaching old ones, working hard and hardly working in the waters around the world. We’ve even managed to make a few pay checks because of water.

With the launch of our short film, Drawn to Water, we let you in on all the reasons we as a company and as employees are drawn to water. But we couldn’t stop there. More important to us, we wanted to know what it is about water that inspires you.

So we asked, what is it that draws you to water? For six weeks our social media was flooded with inspiring quotes, thoughtful captions, sunrises upon sunsets, playful carnage, families, friends, and solitude. From urban escapes to some of our most precious natural landscapes, we think you guys covered it all. These are some of the best answers, that didn’t win, but are worthy of some serious recognition and a second look.

Check out the contest page to browse videos and images from the entire #DrawnToWater campaign.