Coast Mountain Chronicles: The Bishop River Part II


“I guess we’re done with the easy part now, and it’s time to pick up where we left off last time.” — Chris Korbulic

No roads lead into the Bishop River. Once the float plane drops you off, it’s just you and the melt water surrounding Bishop Glacier. You’re alone, deep in the remote wilderness of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, and you must be able to fend for yourself as you navigate a return to civilization via 70 kilometers of Class IV-VI whitewater in tight, locked-in gorges. It’s a humbling reality Todd Wells and Chris Korbulic know intimately—too intimately.

The last time Todd and Chris were on the Bishop River, Todd dropped his boat, forcing an extended descent that involved a hike out and an eventual heli evac. One year later, they return to the dense forest and committing whitewater of the remote Coast Mountains. With Galen Volckhausen joining the crew, the trio seeks redemption and the chance to further unlock the puzzle of the Bishop River.

In partnership with BC Whitewater, Coast Mountain Chronicles offers a visual narrative spanning three years of whitewater adventure through the seldom explored watersheds of the Pacific and Boundary Mountain Ranges in British Columbia.