So, you’ve always dreamed of going on a kayaking trip. But where do you go? Who goes with? What do you pack? With a little pre-trip organization and planning, you can go wherever you’re keen to paddle. And what better way to make sure you don’t forget to do or pack anything than with a checklist?

From planning to packing, logistics to stoke, Checklist, a mini-series shot on location in Iceland, reminds kayakers that planning a kayaking trip is easier than you think.

Episode 1: Planning
Every kayaking trip starts with a desire to escape and trade home for what—steep creeks? a big volume multiday? warm water? waterfalls? Once you dial in where, you have to figure out the who, the when, and the how.

Episode 2: Equipment
“A dirtbag kayaking trip doesn’t have to be an unhygienic kayaking trip. So, pack your toiletries.”

The rest of your kit depends on your destination. Going someplace cold? Don’t forget the thermals and dry suit. And always pack the appropriate safety gear—and know how to use it. Making a checklist will help ensure you have everything you need without overpacking.

Episode 3: Logistics
“It’s best to be strategic with where you decide to stay. This should maximize your time kayaking, minimize your time driving and hopefully prevent complete bankruptcy.”

Once you arrive to X, how will you get to Y, and where will you stay along the way? Will a 4×4 suffice or do you need a pack mule? Can you camp or should you budget for hostels? Without sorting any travel logistics you won’t get very far, and not all kayaking trips are logistically equal. So, it’s essential to plan ahead and be resourceful.

Episode 4: Kayaking
And now it’s time to check off the final list. The checklist of all checklists. The one that predated the planning, packing and logistics lists. The list of rivers to paddle, waterfalls to huck and boofs to hit—it’s time to kayak.

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