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Of Souls + Water

The Warrior

What are you willing to fight for? Growing up on the North Shore of Oahu, surfing was Christopher Peterson’s life. He fought for his place in the sport, for family, and for friends. When his grandmother called and asked for help, he left the islands—only to find tragedy.

He has not surfed in the ocean for over 6 years. Now he discovers solace and release surfing the rivers of the American West.


His deep curiosity leads him to the far arctic north, to the streets of inner-city DC, and to the majestic waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest. But what is he seeking?


The life of a woman – her life, her dreams, her legacy – painted on the canvas of still waters in deep canyons.


On the massive waves of Canada's great rivers, the Shapeshifter conjures his magic, transforming from a charming rogue to a wild creature in flight.


A renowned surfer leaves home in search of salvation, only to discover tragedy. Now he is reborn on the rivers of Idaho.


After many decades of running western rivers, he is a guide, mentor, patriarch and pioneer – a lifelong boatman and a living history of water, wind and human endeavor.

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Remains of a River

Year of the River


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