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Aug 21 | Kayaking the North Pacific | Part II

Bearing gifts of precious fresh salmon, we pushed on for Bone Game Island, as we called it, arriving well before our friends. A little island gives you a sense of command, as if it were your island alone, and for most purposes it is just that, king for a day, a week, a month. Bears and mosquitoes are not a factor. 360 degree views. There’s a spiritual, or metaphysical, quality to little islands like this in that they are whole in a scale you can wrap your head around. Continue reading


Aug 7 | SUP Qatar: A New Perspective from the Arabian Peninsula

On a SUP I was able to watch Qatar’s traditional “dhow” boats bob up and down while fishermen cleaned their nets; I took in the spectacular coastal mosques and listened to the imam’s melodic call to noon prayer without the noises of traffic. I jumped into the warm waters in which generations of pearl divers practiced their dangerous trade, until cultured pearls from Japan rendered their occupation obsolete. Given the opportunity to see more cities from the deck of a paddleboard, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. Continue reading