Introducing the Nobody’s River Project


This spring, four intrepid ladies will embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the goal of sharing their experience with those of us not so lucky (or brave). Passionate river runners all, Becca Dennis, Sabra Purdy, Amber Valenti and Krystle Wright will attempt the first source-to-sea descent of the world’s third-longest free-flowing river, the Amur. Beginning near the birthplace of Genghis Kahn, they’ll travel 4,400 kilometers through Mongolia, Russia and China to the Pacific Ocean, documenting the rich landscapes and cultures along the way. They’ll be working with NRS Films and director Skip Armstrong to tell their story through film.


The Nobody’s River Project is a celebration of wild rivers, biodiversity and cultural diversity, as well as the global community to which we all belong. “Ultimately this project is about savoring something fleeting and beautiful, and doing our part to love this great big planet we all live on together. If we bring home just a little of the magic we find, we will feel successful beyond our wildest dreams,” says Valenti.

An expedition of this magnitude takes lots of planning, guts, luck, and of course money. Please consider joining us to help make it happen by contributing to the Nobody’s River Project fundraising campaign.

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