The Wizard’s Eye: Leg One


From Montana to the South Pacific, the Wizard’s Eye Leg One is the beginning of Tyler Bradt’s mission to sail across the world in search of adventure.

Episode 1

Team NRS paddler Tyler Bradt’s Wizard’s Eye Expedition is about to begin. Episode 1 of the web series documenting the adventure shows Tyler heading from his home in Missoula, Montana to La Paz, Mexico, where his 44-foot sailboat, Wizard’s Eye, awaits. In typical T-Bradt fashion, he finds time along the way to seek a few thrills. After some BASE jumping in Canada and surfing in Mexico, it’s time to get the boat ready to cross the Pacific!

Episode 2

In Episode 2 of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition, Tyler Bradt takes us on a journey to a dusty Mexican shipyard where the Wizard’s Eye awaits her journey across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand. We also meet Ryan Lambert, the ship’s skipper, and join the crew for some kiteboarding in the Sea of Cortez. This month is crunch time for the expedition. In the next two weeks, the boat will need to be ready to go if they hope to make the crossing before the next storm season sets in.

Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition series tells the rag-tag story of BASE jumper and most recent Wizard’s Eye crew member Jordan Kilgore. The crew is now assembled and the boat is nearing completion for the Pacific crossing.

Episode 4 

After years of planning and months of sanding, painting, welding, wrenching and rigging, Tyler Bradt and his merry crew put the Wizard’s Eye in the water and get ready to sail across the Pacific. The excitement and anticipation is palpable in this fourth episode of the video series that will document the team’s five-year-long quest for the ultimate global action sports adventure.

Episode 5

Tyler and his Wizard’s Eye crew take stock, make final preparations and finally cast off the bow lines on their ’round-the-world adventure sports extravaganza.

Episode 6

Episode 6 of the Wizard’s Eye series takes us to the Pacific Coast of Mexico where Tyler and his crew have at last set sail on their epic, potentially crazy attempt to circumnavigate the globe in a 44-foot sailboat while cramming in as much high-octane action sports adventure as possible.  But how far will they get before something goes wrong? That’s a question only the boat can answer.

Episode 7

Although the word pacific may be defined as peaceful in character, or intent, crossing the Pacific Ocean, the Wizard’s Eye crew would experience the opposite. Brutal squalls and a bout with a jellyfish deliver Tyler Bradt and crew to the Marquesa Islands in French Polynesia in the latest episode.

Episode 8

In this episode, the boys take a little time off the boat to immerse themselves in the culture of the Marquesa Islands. From trying their hand at outrigger canoes to stocking up on local fruit, when the Wizard’s Eye crew pulls up anchor they’re stoked to see what the Tuamotu Islands have in store for them.

Episode 9

The Wizard’s Eye crew continues to traverse French Polynesia, adding a few members to the team and catching wind and waves along the way. En route to the Society Islands, the guys and (now) gal search for untapped adventure.

Episode 10 

Episode 10 chronicles the Wizard’s Eye Expedition’s journey through the Society Islands. Surfing crystal clear waves, swimming with whales, accomplishing the first ever sailboat BASE jump, and finding a perfect BASE cliff in a tropical paradise are just a few of the adventures waiting in this episode.

Episode 11

The final episode for the first leg of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition, Tyler Bradt and crew leave the Society Islands sailing 2,000 miles into the South Pacific. With hurricane season on the horizon, it’s crucial to cover miles. Taking a pit stop in American Samoa to re-stock, the crew traverses 700 miles in seven days landing in Fiji to dock the boat for the season.

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