My Home Run: Main Payette x Ashlyn Molino


“I love being a female guide, I think it’s the coolest thing in the world.” – Ashlyn Molino

The forgiving nature of the Main Payette’s drop-pool rapids makes it the perfect river to learn to guide on. While it has a big-water feel, the consequences of messing up are low, which also make it a very accessible river.

“I feel so thankful that I came into adulthood while learning to be a river guide.”

Learning to be a river guide is about more than reading rapids—it’s about learning to read yourself. After the initial intimidation of stepping into a male-dominated profession, the Main has taught Ashlyn to embrace making mistakes. On and off the river she approaches life and guiding with a can-learn spirit.

“I make mistakes all the time [and] I’ve kind of realized that I never want to be the most experienced person in the room… I don’t really see that as a hurdle or a competition, more of a learning opportunity. That knowledge and that expertise isn’t something to be coveted but to be shared.”

This is Ashlyn Molino and the Main Payette River is her home run.

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