The Adventure Angler Anthem


Adventure, by definition, is an exciting or remarkable experience, and yet the idea of adventure is subjective. To some, adventure needs risk and danger, suffering and sacrifice. To others, it’s as simple as exploring a new place or putting in a little extra work to reap the rewards.

To be an angler, one just has to fish. To be an adventure angler, the focus is on the journey rather than how many fish you net or how big the fish are that you land. Like adventure itself, to catch the adventure is a subjective feat. Is it packing an inflatable deep into the backcountry to access a remote lake? Or is it hopping the guardrail on your commute and casting the banks beyond the median?

For Ashley Nicole Lewis, a guide and member of the Quinault Indian Nation, being an adventure angler means bonding to place and people.

“When I have a slow day fishing, I remember that I’m out there for more than one reason It’s never just about the fish. It’s always about the adventure and the journey.” – Ashley Nicole Lewis

Longtime angler Jameson Redding finds adventure in the chaos of moving water.

“I love moving water. I love fishing where there’s chaos, and the kayaks floating down a stream, and I’m trying to make that perfect cast in that perfect moment to be able to get that bite.” – Jameson Redding

And for That Bass Fishing Dude, Brandon Mayes, even on the days he gets skunked, just being on the water is adventure enough.

“The feel of that line getting tight and that rod loading up… It gets me excited man. I mean I get chicken skin thinking about it right now. It’s like the greatest feeling on the planet.” – Brandon Mayes

The Adventure Angler Anthem is an ode to any angler’s definition of adventure. And whether you cast a nymph or a spinner, stalk smallmouth or coho, the adventure is yours for the making.