The Wizard’s Eye: Leg Two


After wintering in Fiji, the Wizard’s Eye sets sail for season two, with South Africa in her sights. But first, adventure awaits in the South Pacific.

Episode One

With Africa in their scopes, the epic journey of the Wizard’s Eye continues as Tyler Bradt sets sail with a new crew and a refreshed boat. The goal of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition has never been more clear: escape from conventional lifestyles, immerse the mind into other worldly perceptions, and embrace adventure at its most raw.

Episode 2

Episode Two offers aerial views of Fiji and the Wizard’s Eye crew introduces the world to Dave Thulin, the crew’s newest member.

Episode 3

Setting anchor in Kadavu, a remote outer island of Fiji, the Wizard’s Eye crew spends a few days tweaking gear before heading into the open ocean. No doubt, the boys make some time for a little diving and some definite big wave surfing.

Episode 4

The Wizard’s Eye sails west from Fiji to Vanuatu. Unbelievable bluebird days and fresh catches, sleepless stormy nights and a surf session with local groms fill this episode.

Episode 5

In this episode, the Wizard’s Eye crew gets their first taste of whitewater kayaking action, as well as other exciting Vanuatu offerings.

Episode 6

The crew disembarks on Vanuatu in search of an elusive raging waterfall and to witness a land diving ceremony. This episode of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition ends with beers on the Solomon Islands.

Episode 7

After experiencing the beauty of the Solomon Islands and surviving a harrowing storm, the Wizard’s Eye arrives in Papua New Guinea where Captain Tyler Bradt has plans for a river expedition deep in the island’s wilds. They soon discover that overland voyages can be as treacherous as journeys at sea.

Episode 8

Mud, blood, bad ideas and a missed eddy that could mean trouble. The Wizard’s Eye crew checks in with a suspenseful preview of their upcoming full episode on Papua New Guinea.

Episode 9

Tyler Bradt and his crew of merry adventurers descend the ISO river through the jungles to the sea, and a crash landing causes some excitement among the locals. That’s just how the Wizard’s Eye Expedition do.

Episode 10

With plans to attempt a first descent of the Sepik River, the Wizard’s Eye crew sails into one of the most exotic places in the world, the heart of Papa New Guinea. Immigration and the Indonesian Consulate challenge their plans, but Tyler Bradt and crew persist.

Episode 11

The Wizard’s Eye crew journeys deep into the wilds of Papua New Guinea to paddle the headwaters of the Sepik River. Already the Sepik is proving to be a mighty challenge for the boys.

Episode 12

Intense whitewater pounds Tyler Bradt and Dan McKay in this episode of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition. After three days running the Sepik River and its multiple Class VI rapids, box canyons, and impenetrable jungle, the main canyon remains unexplored.

Episode 13

It’s the final episode of the second leg of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition. The crew explores Raja Ampat, a pristine archipelago that contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth. And as the sun sets on the Pacific Ocean, the Wizard’s Eye completes this part of the journey and prepares to sail the Indian Ocean.

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