Nobody’s River Film Bonus Footage: The Elusive Amur Leopard


When most people think of leopards, they think of the big cats that roam the savannas and jungles of Africa, but a rare subspecies lives in the forests and wildlands of Mongolia and the Russian Far East. These Amur leopards can run up to 9 miles per hour, leap nearly 12 inches in the air, wear sunglasses to ward off the scorching Russian sun—and have a strong affinity for skin-tight onesies and disco.

While paddling the Amur River last year, the Nobody’s River team came across two Australian biologists, Jimbo and Basur, tracking these elusive creatures…

“Oh crikey! Do you see the claws on that shiela?”

NRS is proud to announce that Nobody’s River will have its European premiere in October on the European Outdoor Film Tour.

Keep an eye out for more Nobody’s River outtakes in the coming weeks! G’day!