The Wizard’s Eye: Leg Three


Wizard’s Eye Leg Three starts off with a few more adventures in South Asia before the crew crosses the Indian Ocean to Madagascar and docks in Cape Town.

Episode 1

Stuck in Bali for boat maintenance, Tyler Bradt and the newest crew to the Wizard’s Eye Expedition prepare to begin leg three of the five-year journey. Anchors up, the stoke is strong, and the Wizard’s Eye hits open water toward Sumatra.

Episode 2

Glassy waters and windless skies force the Wizard’s Eye Crew to alter their course in search of diesel fuel. Held in Indonesia by the Navy and threatened by the oncoming monsoon season, the guys are eager to get back on the water.

Episode 3

The livin’s easy in the Mentawais for the Wizard’s Eye crew. Surfing the famous Macaronis by day and camping on the beach by night.

Episode 4

In this episode, a departing crew reflects on the true meaning of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition and how precious raw adventure is. With a new crew in tow, the team transitions from the Southern Hemisphere into the Northern with miles and miles of Indian Ocean at their bow.

Episode 5

Anchoring the Wizard’s Eye for this episode, Tyler Bradt and Rayno Van Heerden take a few days to paddle. Kayaking the Asahan river, some of the most classic whitewater in South East Asia, gets them pumped for the next sailing section on to Sri Lanka.

Episode 6

Leaving the perfect barrels of Indonesia behind, the crew sets off toward Sri Lanka. Easy seas and gorgeous skies allow for a little relaxation aboard the Wizard’s Eye.

Episode 7

After more than a week on the open ocean, the Wizard Eye anchors in Sri Lanka, a destination with spectacular landscapes and heart-pumping rapids. The crew disembarks to paddle Sri Lanka’s last raging whitewater before it disappears behind hydro-electric dams.

Episode 8

In search of the Seychelles, the Wizard’s Eye crew flies a skull and bones flag to deter pirates along the 2,000 mile route. But epic storms and slack winds make the sailing slow.

Episode 9

The Wizard’s Eye crew battles sea sickness as they set sail from Seychelles with Madagascar in their sights. Over the weeklong crossing, Tyler Bradt and the guys take it easy, enjoying a few pit stops and witnessing oceanic rarities.

Episode 10

The crew begins a month-long journey through inland Madagascar. It all begins with Tyler Bradt revisiting the Ikopa River, where a decade ago he succeeded in a first descent. Intense paddling, intense scenery, and intense stoke fill the latest episode of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition, as Tyler and the boys get pumped for some much anticipated African whitewater.

Episode 11

In the South of Madagascar the remote Favory River is emerging as a classic whitewater run on the island. The expedition bags a descent of this beautiful river en route to Tsaranoro. Wildlife, wingsuiting, and burley rapids, this episode of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition has it all.

Episode 13

“The Sandratsio meets the modern world,” in this thrilling episode of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition. Battling hellish portages and impressive whitewater, Tyler Bradt and the crew depend on the signals from GoogleEarth and the generosity of locals as they conquer a five-day first descent in Madagascar.

Episode 14

In Memory of Benjamin “Benji” Hjort. 

One of the final episodes of leg three of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition, Tyler Bradt and crew say goodbye to Madagascar. A wingsuit accident forces Taylor to leave the trip, and the boat sets sail for South Africa with a fresh crew. Wildlife, kiteboarding and a little surfing in Port Elizabeth bring this episode of the Wizard’s Eye to an end.

Episode 15

Celebrating birthdays on board and baiting great whites, the Wizard’s Eye rounds Cape of Good Hope to dock in South Africa. The final episode of leg three of the Wizard’s Eye Expedition wraps up with two days of surfing, kiteboarding, and paragliding in Cape Town.

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