Into the Klinaklini


It’s been more than 20 years since kayakers first attempted this ‘unrunnable gorge’. In the summer of 2017, after two years of scouting and planning, four women would try what all others had failed: a full descent of British Columbia’s Klinaklini River. This three-part series follows Maranda Stopol, Darby McAdams, Jo Kemper and Jordan Slaughter as they navigate the Klinaklini Gorge.

Part One: Into the Klinaklini

In Part One of Into the Klinaklini, a team of women kayakers embarks on a mission to paddle the “unnrunable” gorge of the Klinaklini River in British Columbia.

Part Two: The Tributary

Maranda, Darby, Jordan, and Jo try to keep their spirits up as they portage steep cliffs through dense devil’s club. Meanwhile, the river continues to swell and the team is forced to consider their options.

Part Three: The Group Decision

Tensions rise as the team assess and reassess their options for getting out of the Klinaklini gorge. With water levels not going down and time running out, Maranda, Jo, Darby, and Jordan are forced to make a hard decision.

(Don’t miss Into the Klinaklini: The Aftermath.)

Presented by NRS Films
Directed by Darby McAdams & Maranda Stopol
Produced by Darby McAdams