Kayaking Expeditions on a Remote River How-To Series


Known for paddling obscure rivers, the We Are Hungry crew has dialed in their expedition kayaking game. After a 17-day Peruvian adventure on the Rio Apurimac, the paddlers share tips and tricks on preparing for, packing for, and staying safe on a kayaking expedition.

How To Be Ready
The only thing paddlers can predict on an expedition is the unpredictable. Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, ensures you and your team have the essential gear and skills to tackle whatever an expedition hands you.

How to Pack
Packing for a remote kayaking expedition is all about Class V minimalism. Everything you need—food, clothing, repair kits, etc.—has to fit in your boat. Organizing gear in smaller drybags to optimize the nooks and crannies of your kayak and only packing the necessities is key.

How to Stay Safe
Portaging sucks. Heli evacs really suck. Dial in your safety plan, know your limits, and practice your safety skills before launching on a remote expedition. The consequences on remote, Class V rivers are no joke and taking the time to practice throw-bagging, agree on hand signals, scout and portage could make the difference between life and death.

Editor’s Note: This humorous how-to video series was inspired by the film The River’s Call