Just Add Water Summer Moments


We’ve talked a lot this summer about breaking down barriers to the outdoors. Now our Just Add Water guides, Faith and Adam, show us what life looks like beyond those barriers. In this first-of-four adventure videos, they take us along for a socially distant SUP adventure in their Portland, Oregon backyard.

“I like standup paddleboarding because… it doesn’t take much. You can sit on it, you can kneel on it, it builds balance, it’s great for fitness. It’s just fun.” – Adam

In the next episode, Faith and Adam show us that the value of fly fishing isn’t in catching the fish, but simply being outside. Unfortunately, not all people feel welcome to catch—or not catch—fish around our public lands and waters, which is why we need to work harder to break down those barriers to the outdoors.

“Fly fishing for me is like being in a really cool science classroom.” – Faith

In the third episode, Faith and Adam take us on a run down their favorite trail along the Clackamas River. Although they hit the trailhead early to avoid the crowds, they pack their masks and practice their smeyes in case they meet another runner. Part of breaking down barriers to the outdoors is simply being welcoming and friendly to everyone who chooses to use our outdoor places.

Smeyes / sm・aiz / (Verb): To smile with your eyes; a skill for 2020

When it comes to legacy sports, like whitewater kayaking, sharing your knowledge and welcoming newbies into the sport is clutch. In the final episode, Adam takes us along for his traditional Father’s Day paddle, giving us a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of his paddling crew.

“As you show up, people remember who you are and they start to share their knowledge with you… and eventually it transcends the issue of diversity because you have such shared history with these people.” – Adam