Land of the Yakamas


Nch’i-wana, the Columbia River, in our ways and our beliefs is the main artery of this land. These mountains, these rivers, there’s stories, there’s legends. – Elaine Harvey, Yakamas Nation Tribal Member & Fisheries Biologist

Land of the Yakamas speaks to the Ancestral Lands of the Yakama People and takes you on a journey through the Cascade Range and N’Chi Wana (Columbia River) watersheds. These lands are of vast ecological and cultural importance, holding essential migration corridors for wildlife and cold-water tributaries vital to the lifecycle of Salmon populations. The culture of the Yakama People lives in these lands and rivers, a culture that is strong and vibrantly alive.

This film shares important traditional knowledge and indigenous values, which may help guide our relationships with the lands on which we live. The hope is that this film will engage local communities to come into a deeper understanding and relationship with land and community, as well as support local conservation efforts and organizations.

“We don’t own this. It belongs to our children. It belongs to our grandchildren. And we’re just taking care of it for them.” – Davis Washines, Yakama Nations Spiritual/Traditional Leader

Presented by The Yakama Nation with support from River Roots