FLOWSTATE S2, Ep4: The Bremner


Everyone loves a good redemption story. Last year, the crew set out to paddle the Tiekel River, but the whitewater kayaking expedition quickly turned into a kayak-packing trip as they basically portaged the entire run.

With a plan to redeem the expedition, Brendan, Parker and Jay set out with ambitious goals: Run the Tiekel River then paddle miles of flatwater to meet up with a bush pilot [insert Jay]. Shuttle to the top of the NF Bremner and find a second bush pilot to return Jay’s plane after dropping him off. From there, they have two days to paddle the Bremner River to the confluence of the Copper. From the Copper, they’ll paddle out to Cordova and hopefully plan it perfectly to catch the ferry back to Whittier.

An itinerary like that is only successful with optimal flows, friends who fly planes, and the determination to push through those flatwater—ahem no water—sections.

Editor’s Note: Need to catch up? Stream the full first season on YouTube and then watch Episode 1: Devil’s Canyon, Episode 2: Skolai Creek, and Episode 3: Prince William Sound of Season 2.