My Home Run: The Snake x Reggie Austin


“Having the Snake [River] in your backyard is just… It’s as good as it gets.”

“It all started with tubing…” claims Reggie Austin.

Reggie is probably the last person who thought he’d end up a river guide, but that’s the thing about the river: Once you’re in the flow, you might be surprised where it takes you. After tubing came kayaking, and the rest followed from there. Learning to guide a raft on the river changed everything for Reggie—including what he considered himself capable of.

“Once I started, and I saw that I could do it, and as my ability grew, it just changed me. It gave me this confidence about myself that I didn’t have before. I thought, man… if I can row a boat down the Grand Canyon, I can do pretty near anything.”

Now, he calls the Snake River his backyard, and he’s carved a life behind the sticks that most people can only dream of.

“Just do it—just try it. Just get on the river and you’ll start doing things that you never thought you could do.”

Editor’s Note: Watch the full My Home Run series on YouTube