My Home Run: Hudson Gorge x Siobhan Levere


“It’s hard to get away from the Hudson after you’ve ridden it in the springtime.”

From its headwaters in the wild Adirondacks to its terminus in New York Harbor at the tip of Manhattan—one of the world’s most famous boroughs—the two points of the Hudson River couldn’t be more different. Those more familiar with its urban end might not realize the stark beauty that lies within the Hudson Gorge.

Former raft guide turned photo boater Siobhan Levere appreciates the Hudson River for so much more than its beauty.

“Guiding on the Hudson is dynamic. It’s different every day. … On top of that, there’s this guide community that’s just so supportive of each other.”

Siobhan was introduced to the Hudson during its massive springtime flows, and it sparked an obsession with whitewater. Years later, tempted to leave the guiding life behind, she soon found herself pulled back in by her mentor, the community, and the river itself.

This is Siobhan Levere and the Hudson Gorge is her home run.

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