The Wizard’s Eye: Leg Four


The Wizard’s Eye Leg Four begins with a month at sea crossing the Atlantic. The crew makes a quick pit-stop in Brazil before crossing into the Caribbean.

Episode 1

From Cape Town, South Africa, the Wizard’s Eye Expedition prepares for its longest crossing yet: the Atlantic Ocean. 3,700 miles separate Cape Town from Brazil and preparations are underway to ready the Wizard’s Eye for one of her final journeys into the deep blue.

Episode 2

Foul weather challenges the Wizard’s Eye crew soon into their longest ocean crossing of the expedition. Weeks without stepping onto land and 3,700 nautical miles lie between Cape Town, South Africa and Brazil. With nothing to do to pass the time but fish and embrace the camaraderie living on a 42-foot sailboat enforces, the guys reflect on life at sea.

Episdeo 3

After more than a month at sea, Tyler Bradt and the crew touch land on Fernando de Noronha, an island off the coast of Brazil. The guys drop anchor for a quick pit-stop before heading 300 miles farther to mainland Brazil, completing the Wizard’s Eye’s Atlantic Ocean crossing.

Episode 4

After spending weeks sailing across the Atlantic ocean, the Wizard’s Eye has finally set anchor in Brazil. But before officially setting sail for Colombia, Tyler Bradt and the crew make a pit-stop in Jericoacoara, the kiteboarding mecca of Brazil. In true Wizard’s Eye fashion, the guys find themselves under the wings of a local and in the seat of a kite buggy, racing down Brazilian sand dunes. 

Episode 5

Upon leaving Brazil the Wizard’s Eye experiences the most amazing sailing conditions of the expedition, averaging ten knots and sailing up to 200 miles a day. Crossing through the Equator with beers in hand, Tyler Bradt and the boys leave the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and enter into the Caribbean Sea. Fresh Thai curry made from the catch of the day, sunny skies and good spirits bring the Wizard’s Eye closer to their first Caribbean stop: St. George’s, the capital of Grenada.

Editor’s Note: In case you missed the previous seasons, watch the leg one, leg two, and leg three of the Wizard’s Eye.