What Draws Us to Water


What is it that draws us to water? To canyons and coastlines and glaciers and lakes. What is it that keeps us dreaming about these places? And not thinking about next week’s presentation, or the paper due tomorrow, or whatever it is that’s stinking up the ‘fridge.


What is it that leads us here? The office has been a buzz with different answers and perspectives. So I asked everyone: “What is that draws you to water?” Here’s what they had to say.


“…It’s the inexplicable power to stop you in your tracks and
make you take notice…”
            —Terry Feigenbutz, NRS International Wholesale Rep


“…It’s knowing that for the next seven days, you will be completely
surrounded by beauty, and completely separated from society…”
— Ian Fodor-Davis, NRS Wholesale Account Manager


(left) “…It’s brain buckets, gasket rashes, bootie beers
and a love for the rituals…”   

— Kate Job, NRS Purchaser

(top right) “…It’s having a drink in the drink, the perfect way to end the day…” 
— Sophia Theodossiou, NRS International Inside Sales

(bottom right) “…It’s how the water allows a place to hit refresh and start
from a place of pure, simplistic pleasures…”
— Jean Slade, NRS Field Representative


“…It’s knowing that you are the first to throw a fly at that
tailing fish on the low tide…”   

— Jim MacAllister, NRS Mountain/CA Wholesale Rep

Karen DTW_web

“…It’s being terrified, surviving, and feeling like a badass
even though all you did was stay in the boat…”
— Karen Woodard, NRS Project Manager 


(top) “…It’s time with the family…”
— Steve Farley, NRS NE Wholesale Rep

(bottom left) “…It’s making memories that will outlast the gear…”
— J Maxfield, NRS Web Designer

(bottom right) “…It’s the good friends and people I’ve enjoyed
boating with for 30 years…”
— Clyde Nicely, NRS Customer Service


“…It’s feeling like a kid again…” 
— Mitchell McGreevy, NRS Marketing


“…It’s climbing and carving what was once a
class V rapid and soon will be again…”
— Keith Cunningham, NRS Returns


(top left) “…It’s the quiet, the calm, and the opportunity to connect
with something larger than myself…”
—Tanya Denison, NRS Chief Information Officer

(bottom left) “…It’s splashing around at the edge of infinity…”
— Chris Otto, NRS Customer Service

(top right) “…It’s that trip we took years ago, the surreal experiences
of color and sea life and the impression it made that keeps us
talking about that trip to this day…”
— Tony Mangini, NRS Chief Financial Officer

(bottom right) “…It’s the calm you feel when you see the moon
reflecting off the ocean…”

—Niki Payton, NRS Wholesale Support


“…It’s a place for reflections…”
— Pam Rogers, NRS Mid-West Inside Sales


“…It’s the feeling you get at the bottom of a rapid, after the
intoxicating cocktail of fear and nerves at the top, the rhythm
of making your moves in the midst of foam and joining your
buddies in the eddy carnage-free…”

—Will Root, NRS Customer Service


(top left) “…It’s hooking up a double five minutes from the ramp…”
— Mark Deming, NRS Brand Manager

(bottom left) “…It’s when the frigid water on a sizzling day in the canyon
my focus back to center, and suddenly, I am…”
— Kristine Clausen, NRS International Wholesale Coordinator

(right) “…It’s learning to appreciate nature from the perspective
of another kind…” 

—Corbin Adams, NRS Receiving

DTW Alaska_web

“…It’s the journey we embark on and the adventure around the bend
that gets us to the destination…”

— Ashley Peel, NRS Marketing Editorial Coordinator


(top left) “…It’s making the most of any conditions, practicing tricks and
getting inverted on the Snake, waves or no waves…”

— David Kirkland, NRS Warehouse

(top right) “…It’s the journey with friends to get there…”
— Todd Benson, NRS Chief Procurement Officer

(bottom) “…It’s taking a hike up the canyon to get a beautiful
view of the Grande Ronde river…”

— Jeff Pfeifer, NRS Box Store Fulfillment

Shelby Wirkus_web“…It’s time spent outside the office with those usually in it…”
— Shelby Wirkus, NRS Customer Service

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