NRS Wetsuits: The Next Generation


Wetsuits first graced the spreads of an NRS catalog in 1977. All black neoprene, these basic wetsuits boasted nothing special. In 1990, we released the Aqua-Tux, elevating the standard for neoprene fashion.

When you think about wetsuits today, what comes to mind? Images of those old-school kayakers in hi-float jackets and full-cut helmets? Dudes pirouetting in fiberglass boats sporting facial hair that would put a Portland barista to shame? Or maybe it’s the less-than-amazing experience of wiggling into cold, wet neoprene in the morning. Or the horror of hitchhiking the shuttle in what appears to the average motorist just a skin-tight black-and-purple jumpsuit.

At NRS, we think it’s time to rethink this perception of wetsuits. There’s no denying that advances in technical apparel have changed paddling for the better; drysuits and drytops made from waterproof breathable material allow us to paddle comfortably in nearly any conditions, and even to look somewhat cool doing it. But let us not forget that wetsuits kept us warm for decades before dry wear became reliable and widely available. And neoprene still has its advantages. It not only provides the best thermal immersion protection for the buck, but it’s versatile, easy to swim in, softens impacts with rocks, and even provides extra floatation. That’s why more and more paddlers, rafters, stand-up paddlers and river surfers are turning back the clock and wearing NRS wetsuits.

Wetsuits have improved, too—a lot. Our 2017 line marks the culmination of a years-long effort to bring the comfort, performance and appearance of wetsuits up to the level of the finest technical outerwear. Using newly available technologies, design insights and construction methods, we’ve advanced the timeless utility of neoprene to meet the modern paddler.

Radiant Wetsuits
Radiant Wetsuits give you maximum warmth without sacrificing mobility. Four-way-stretch PowerSpan™ material allows for unrestricted movement, while fully taped internal seams reduce water entry and improve comfort. They also feature an easy-entry chest zipper, water-shedding smooth-skin torso and a soft checked fleece lining. No matter where you’re geographically located, or traveling to, the Radiant is designed in both 4/3 and 3/2 millimeter thicknesses to handle the cold.

Ultra John & Ultra Jane
You won’t find a more comfortable, durable or warmer 3 mm sleeveless wetsuit than our Ultra John and Jane. Checked fleece lining in the torso eliminates the dread of a cold, damp wetsuit in the morning, and four-way-stretch PowerSpan neoprene lets you paddle and portage freely. The men’s feature an extra-long zipper and the women’s include a female-specific relief zipper to make answering nature’s call easy. Glued and blind-stitched seams lie smooth against your skin, and ToughTex™ reinforcements protect the knees and seat.

3.0/2.0 Farmer John & Farmer Jane
Our most popular wetsuit, the Farmer John provides excellent comfort and warmth at a price that won’t break the bank. The Farmer Jane is our bestselling women’s wetsuit for the same reasons: maximum warmth and comfort for your dollar.

2.0 Shorty
The shorty cut—in both men’s and women’s—allows more freedom of movement, while 2 mm neoprene provides essential core insulation.