Looking Back: PuescoFest 2016


How do you save a place you love? For longtime NRS ambassador LJ Groth, step one is helping others learn to love it too. Knowing that his own passion for rivers comes not only from paddling, but also from the river community and culture, LJ has made it his personal mission to grow the river family on the dam-threatened Rio Trancura in Puesco, Curarrehue, Chile.

Working with native Chilean river activists, and with support from NRS, LJ helped found PuescoFest in 2014. Part kayak race, part music festival and part environmental rally, PuescoFest brings together thousands of people to dance, sing, paddle and celebrate free-flowing rivers. The 2016 event was the most successful so far with beautiful weather, big crowds and lots of kayakers enjoying the river.

Here’s a gallery of PuescoFest photos for the global river family to enjoy.

Editor’s Note: All photography by Matias Veras. Captions by LJ Groth.