50 Things to Love About Rivers


Sometimes the best way to discover rivers is through a child’s eyes. In this new video from American Rivers, produced by filmmaker Skip Armstrong, we follow eight-year-old Parker as he races and splashes along some of the Pacific Northwest’s most spectacular rivers.

Along the way he counts down what makes these rivers so special, from puddles and newts and forts to pristine water, rain, and leaf monsters.

Do you recognize the old dam site (#7)? That’s where Glines Canyon Dam stood for nearly 100 years, blocking the Elwha River and its salmon runs. Thanks to the work of American Rivers, American Whitewater, the lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, and others, the river’s outdated dams are gone and the Elwha now runs free, mountains to sea.

If you’re inspired by the video, get involved with American Rivers—you can take action and become a member.

Another way to show rivers some love is to introduce a child to the magic of rivers and streams.  Take a lesson from Parker—get out and have fun. Because one of the best ways we can ensure healthy rivers for the future is getting kids to fall in love with rivers today.

 Contributed by Amy Kober, American Rivers.