The Way Home: Paddling Croatia to the UK


In April 2015 NRS Ambassadors, Oscar Burney and David Bain, and a crew of paddlers set off from Croatia on a long drive back to the UK. With the aim of paddling not only extreme remote white water, but also to explore the beauty around the coastline and less extreme rivers.

Episode 1

Episode one takes us to Croatia, a country rich in history, scarred by its past, and blessed with spectacular rivers and coastlines. From rappelling into a committing Class V gorge to leisurely stand up paddling on the sea, David, Oscar and the boys discover a paddler’s paradise.

Episode 2

In episode 2, David, Oscar and the team leave Croatia and continue their journey back to England. Finding the river levels in Slovenia lacking, they make their way to Italy and Switzerland, where they find incredible bedrock runs in the Alps.