The Rio Caqueta


In June of 2016, Jules Domine and Team NRS paddler Tyler Bradt reach the Rio Caqueta with hopes of a first descent. But you can’t put an itinerary on a first D and you can only assume plans will change…

Faced with flooded river levels, the duo makes the hard decision to portage the first canyon. Humbled by the generosity and hospitality of the local villagers who offer their horses to aid in the portage, Tyle and Jules are reminded that expedition kayaking is about more than conquering massive rapids but experiencing the culture that lives along those rapids.

Nevertheless, the Rio Caqueta delivers everything you want from a kayaking film set deep in the Colombian Amazon: flooded canyons, gnarly portages, villagers willing to lend a hand (or a horse) and one paddler’s bout with a flesh-eating bacteria.

Presented by: KAVU
Narrator: Tyler Bradt
Music Tomad Novoa, Alex Keren, David Charrier