My Home Run: New x Kayla Wright


“No matter how many times I’ve run the gorge, every time I cross the bridge, I still get excited.”

Fayetteville, West Virginia is less than twenty minutes from the put in to the popular 6.5-mile section of class III and IV rapids on the New. Runnable at a wide range of flows, the New features fun, pushy wave trains and tricky holes. The take-out is just upstream of the New River Gorge Bridge, one of the most photographed places in West Virginia.

It’s an easy run to take for granted. But not for Kayla Wright.

“It’s definitely something I feel like everybody wants to check off their list, but I almost feel like it’s taken for granted sometimes because you can run it so much. But I feel like if you go out there and just keep exploring and having a new mindset, there’s really so much that you can get from it.”

This is Kayla Wright and this is her Home Run.

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