Limited Edition: The Cam Strap Mini


Following the 2016 Kracken River Club’s Krackys, my fiancé convinced me to send a picture of my handmade dress to NRS. And, as they say, the rest is just history. Today NRS launches the Limited Edition Cam Strap Mini.

The Cam Strap Mini is as versatile as it is adjustable. Designed using only recycled NRS Cam Straps, the Cam Strap Mini features a 14-strap tube top, a 16-strap mini skirt and a single strap to weave the two pieces together. Suitable for any occasion, wear all three pieces together for unique and flattering river flair when fancy is needed. For more casual occasions, pair the tube top with a tutu, sarong, or sparkly leggings and the mini skirt can easily complement your favorite bikini top, camisole or fringed vest.

Although it takes a little time, and a little more wiggling to put the dress on, this three-piece mini-dress truly is one-size fits all. With buckle entry down the back, simply loosen all the straps to allow you to pull the dress on, then tighten the straps for the desired fit. The wrinkle-resistant material won’t lose its shape or fit throughout the day or night. The fabric has been treated with a UV retardant to minimize damage from the sun.

Do not attempt to wash this dress in the washing machine. To clean: soak in a mild detergent and rinse with fresh water. Air dry only.

History of The Cam Strap Mini
It all started as a Halloween costume. We had this crazy idea to dress up as our NRS boats, Fireball Annie and Sparkles. Trying to be helpful, my fiancé had given me an ugly blue t-shirt that he apparently thought resembled the boats. It didn’t resemble anything but an ugly blue t-shirt. Determined to find an excuse not to wear it, I found myself up at 2 am the night before Halloween trying to find a way to turn NRS straps into some kind of makeshift top (without using a sewing machine, as I have no idea how they work). The result was a woven strapless corset-style top designed from 14 cam straps.

That night I received compliment after compliment. People loved its form fitting, stylish yet funky design. Some friends even went as far as to ask if I would consider making one for them to wear for special occasions. Of course, I brushed them off with a quiet laugh. I spend all of my spare time outdoors getting dirty. I couldn’t possibly “do” fashion!

A year went by and the photos of that fateful All Hallows Eve were replaced with the usual shots of whitewater and carnage. Thoughts of my Cam Top didn’t really cross my mind until, once again, I found myself ill-prepared for an annual event: The Krackys. The Krackys is one of the premium social events of the Kraken River Club, where we celebrate our previous rafting season and recognize the amazing river film and photography skills of our club members. This is a black-tie affair and I couldn’t find a dress to wear. So there I was, in an all-too-familiar place, awake at 2 am trying to take my CamStrap top and upgrade it into a dress. Two hours and approximately 30 NRS straps later I was ready to toast at the Krackys. The result a two-piece, perfectly form-fitting Strapless Mini Dress made out of woven NRS straps and connected with a single cam-strap belt.

The Whiz Freedom is the perfect accessory for the Cam Strap Mini. In full disclosure, I still haven’t figured out a way to sit down and go to the bathroom while wearing The Cam Strap Mini. Perhaps that’s the true reason NRS turned down my business offer.

April Fools!

Cam Strap Mini or not, may NRS continue to support and inspire your future adventures on and off the river.

Editor’s note: Guest blogger Steph Spring is a member of the Kraken River Club, an enthusiastic community of rafters out of Anchorage, Alaska.