Flowstate Episode 6: Alaskan Paradise


With his season in Alaska coming to a close, Brendan takes advantage of the unusually warm and dry October weather to embark on a final solo adventure. Flying into the heart of the Wrangell Mountains, Brendan had been interested in paddling the Tebay River for years. Featuring both solid whitewater and salmon fishing holes, it was a perfect place to wrap up another season in this remote and wild corner of the world.

Littered with evidence of heavy wolf, bear and moose presence, the first part of the Tebay was a little intimidating. But after paddling down into the canyon, the threat of large critter encounters waned and the epic paddling and fishing commenced. Checking off both a successful mission on the Tebay and catching the fifth and final species of pacific salmon—reaching a goal to catch them all in one season—Brendan says goodbye to Alaska…until next season.

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